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ANT+ Enabler

9.99 usd

The only ANT+ patch on the market worked on Nexus5, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus 10, HTC_One (M7), LG G2. Samsung S4/S5. Supports Android 4.2.2 ~ Android 6.0, CyanogenMod BuildAndroid 7 is not supported yet. There's big change in Bluetooth stack. No internal Bluetooth API available for 3rd party in Android 7. I've figured out a way to address the issue. Please be patient.
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You could install it with TWRP open recovery. 'fastboot' and 'adb' tools are required on your PC. WARNING, don't forget to backup! I won't take any responsibility if your device bricked or damaged! Here is the steps:- install adb & fastboot on PC if needed: - Install and run "Bluetooth#" app once on your phone to create install script: /data/data/com.z2software.bluetoothpatcher/install - Go to and find twrp recovery by typing your device name such as "nexus 5" - Download the recovery image - For new released phone like Nexus 6/6P, make sure enable "OEM unlock" from developer setting. - Launch command/terminal window from PC - In command window on PC, run following commands: adb reboot-bootloader - after phone reboot in fastboot mode, if you boot loader is locked, run following to unlock the boot loader: fastboot oem unlock - Now boot with twrp recover img you just downloaded fastboot boot your_twrp_recover_img - In twrp recover mode,mount "system", "data" & "vendor" as writeable. Click "Mount" and check "system, "vendor" & "data", uncheck "Only mount system readonly" - In command window on PC, run: adb shell source /data/data/com.z2software.bluetoothpatcher/install - Reboot the phone and run "Bluetooth#" to enable ANT+
Requirement:- Bluetooth chip with ANT+ feature- Bluetooth#: Root & super user app or TWRP open recovery for installation- Tested on Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 6P, Nexus10, HTC One (M7), LG G2, Samsung S4/S5
Highlight: - Bluetooth on - Easy to uninstall - Reported by users, it also worked on Samsung Galaxy_Note3, LG G3(model F400K) - 10-days no questions asked refund policy
Known issues: - CM 12 or above for Sumsang phones such as S4 needs to freeze or remove 'ANT HAL Service' to avoid conflict - Root for android 6.0.1 such as Nexus 6P needs to run install script manually with TWRP open recovery, make sure system, vendor & data are mounted as writeable in TWRP. - Great news! Thanks for the generous support from official ANT+ developer of ANT Radio Service. The 3rd party ANT adapter providers issue has be fixed in ANT Radio Service 4.12.0. Android 5.0 starts to enforce explicit intent package name for binding 3rd party service. - ANT+ and LG G2 FM Radio cannot work at same time. ANT+ needs to be disabled before turning on FM Radio. - Most models of LG G3 not work
If you have any issues and need support or just want refund, please email me first. Writing a negative review won't help much.Review feedback:It seemed people complained about the price and some even go further to undercut my hard work. Please allow me to explain. This is no simple task. It's not a simple configuration tool that turns on couple of system switches and copy over some files from other phones as many tried and failed. No sir, if it were that easy, you'd find the solution all over the Internet long time ago. It's about 4 months hard work and many days until 2am in the morning. It's about 10000 lines of JAVA and C++ code to create the driver for ANT+ and patch for Bluetooth stack. As for the price, I'd say you saved money and hassle from buying ANT+ usb adapter. Just consider the guy worked hard and did fix a problem of your phone. In return, you treat him a decent lunch.